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About Michael David & Zsiporah 

Course Instructor: Michael-David - (international harpist, composer/producer) ministers out of a calling to restore the harp as a tool of worship and intercession in the endtimes restoration of the Tabernacle of David.

As a psalmist, Michael is not only a classically trained musician, but he also teaches from decades of contemporary music experience and passionate spiritual insight. His instruction emphasizes technical and theoretical aspects of improvisational music, as well as the release of the prophetic and the “Gifts of the Spirit”. Michael along with his wife Zsiporah (author/singer) are a Messianic couple who challenge artists to a higher level of spiritual and artistic integrity in their work as Directors of the KingsBridge Arts Round Table, a Christian Arts organization based in the Toronto area in Canada.

Michael David

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Michael David Zsiporah CD Music

Elizabeth Miller - Assistant Instructor:

Elizabeth Arnold Miller is a classically trained singer, psalmist and harpist.  She has worshiped with harp and voice in parks, hospitals, nursing homes, museums and churches in the U.S. and Israel since 2004.  This calling began in the mid 1980's when she was invited to sing her new scripture settings acapella each week at All Angels Church in New York City.  Her passion is to worship the Lord with joy and freedom, often singing Scripture settings improvisationally with her harp under the leading of the Holy Spirit. Previously, Elizabeth premiered innovative vocal works by Steve Reich and other contemporary composers nationally and internationally.  Her solo recordings include "Flowing Streams", "Living Water" and "Lullaby My Baby."  Elizabeth is co-founder with her husband, Tom, of Harps for Israel, an organization which provides harps for worship and intercession in Israel.

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