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"A Prophetic Harp -
A Musical Journey Through Israel"


"A Prophetic Harp - A Musical Journey Through Israel" was recorded at Biblical locations that are spiritually significant for the believer. These sites echo the powerful events that took place there and resonate with a sense of God's presence. You are invited to share in that experience as you listen to samples of what was recorded by clicking on the links beside the image.

Temple Mount Stairs


This is the place that Jesus stood and declared " If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink." (John 7:37) These steps led to the Temple Mount and inspired the playing of the song "Send Forth Your Light" based on Psalm 43:3-4: "Then will I go to the alter of my God..."


Sample of track "Send 
Forth Your Light"
Send Forth - Michael David
Mount of Olives


Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem as he descended from the Mount of Olives in Luke 19:37-44. Here, on the CD, an instrumental call on the harp is played as a cry to the people of Israel to return to the Father. This song can be heard on YouTube by clickinghere.


Sample of track
"Father Call Your
Children Home"

Father - Michael David
Garden of Gethsemane


In Luke 22:44 Jesus agonized over the sacrifice He was about to make for our sin in the Garden of Gethsemane. Recorded here, “Under the Olive Tree” is a Lament for Israel and the sins of the world.


Sample of track

"Lament for Israel"

Lament - Michael Daved
Garden Tomb


As you travel the Land of Israel, there are many places that are claimed to be the actual Biblical sites. However, there is compelling evidence that the Garden Tomb just outside the Damascus Gate is authentic. It is a peaceful place and celebrates resurrection "Life" with the empty tomb (regardless if this is the exact site).


Sample of track


Life - Michael David
Jordan River


All four Gospels record the ministry of John the Baptist and the revelation of Jesus as the Lamb of God who would baptize with fire! “Immersed” is a reflection of the wonder you feel when you are at the Jordan River where this took place.
Sample of track
Immersed - Michael David
Ancient Sybagogue in Capernaum


When you are at the ancient site of the synagogue in Capernaum where Jesus preached from Isaiah 61 (see Luke 4:18) you have this amazing sense of the fact that He was there - and His presence lingers there still. “You Were Here” is an expression of the wonder of this reality.
Sample of track
"You Were Here"
You Were Here - Michael David
Pool of Siloam


At the Pool of Siloam, where Jesus sent a blind man to wash his eyes and receive sight (John 9:7) we had a wonderful miracle. As I stood in the pool, playing my harp, I reached into the water and anointed a man who had suffered for 9 years with a debilitating leg injury which had left him walking with the use of crutches. When he got up after prayer, he found that he could freely walk, and actually ran back to the bus! On track 7, I play what I was playing at the time of this miracle!
Sample of track
"Healing Waters"
Healing Waters - Michael David
Shepherd's Fields in Bethlehem


While overlooking the Shepherd’s Fields in Bethlehem, the sense of what the Lord had done there was overwhelming. Here the birth of Messiah was announced by an angelic choir and here David was inspired to write the best known song of all time. Here I offer my instrumental version of “Psalm 23 with Isaiah 40:11”
Sample of track
“Psalm 23 with
Isaiah 40:11”
Psalm 23- Isa. 40:11 - Unknown Artist
Mount of Beatitudes


At the Mount of Beatitudes overlooking the Sea of Galilee there is a delightful place that commemorates the spot that Jesus preached on The Beatitudes (Math 5) After a wonderful time of worship with our tour group “Blessed is the Man” is the music that flowed out of my harp.
Sample of
"Blessed is the Man"
Blessed is the Man - Michael David
Mount Carmel
While on Mount Carmel I received a prophetic song that I delivered to our tour group while playing my harp. I've entitled it “Searching Seven Times for Your Cloud of Promise”. The photo here was taken from Mount Carmel reminding me of the story from 1 King 18:41-44.
Sample of track "Searching
Seven Times for Your
Cloud of Promise"
Mt. Carmel - Searching - Michael David
Tel Megiddo


As a BONUS Track, at the archaeological site of Tel Megiddo, I met up with two Israeli Musicians who spontaneously jammed with me Mizrachi Style - enjoy!


Sample of track 
Mizrachi Jam - MD- Israeli Musicians
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