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Valley Forge School of the Prophetic Harp - May 20 - 27, 2012



The Valley Forge School of the Prophetic Harp was an exciting time of intercession and learning as harpists from as far as California came to pray and play their harps for America. We held classes in a lovely house in the heart of Amish country and, from there, launched out to bring strategic intercession for the nation. The harp school played in historic locations such as Valley Forge - where George Washington wintered his troops forging an army that won America's independence, Philadelphia - the birthplace of America at the signing of the Declaration of Independence at Independence Hall, and at the grounds in front of the Washington Monument. We also encouraged the work of intercession in 24/7 prayer houses in Ephrata, PA and in Washington DC by ministering two hour prayer watches with the harpists. The prophetic song flowed freely in all these locations but a prophetic song for America was recorded at the Quaker Meeting House (click here to listen).




There was a sense of an open heaven in Valley Forge and Philadelphia, but the spiritual warfare over the nation's capital felt particularly intense. The Lord spoke to us and indicated that although the "head" of the nation in Washington DC is filled with the wisdom of man, it is in Philadelphia that the "heart" of God was expressed through William Penn (the godly founder of Pennsylvania) and that the nation should return to these godly roots.


Prophet Song for America - Michael David
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