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David Van Koevering

Ray Hughes, my close friend and often co-speaker, called me a while back and shared his experience with harpist Michael-David. Ray has the unique consciousness of true worship and spiritual position for psalmists creating the sounds and music that Yahweh inhabits! 
I immediately called Michael and encouraged he and his wife, Zsiporah, to meet with me at the home of Johnny Berguson in PA, founder and president of Kingdom, Inc.
When we met, all that Ray Hughes had said and much more regarding Michael-David’s music and ministry was so clearly evident. 
I have heard world class harpists from all across the land and several from around the world. Michael-David’s music and spirit are so filled with the authority of God that Becky and I, including our Executive Staff, Rev. Stan and Nancy Patterson, were deeply moved.
Most of you reading this know who I am and know something about what Ray Hughes and I teach. I endorse this CD, the ministry, and the man behind this music totally! You will experience from Michael’s CD a live and spirit changing level of higher bandwidth and God consciousness. Go there...  Get this powerful CD now...  This will change your home and your future.   
David Van Koevering, Elsewhen Research, Inc.
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