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Coming Soon:

"Chrysalis" a new CD Recording now in production


This CD features the sound of the new worship instrument The Harpella and new music from Zsiporah and Michael-David. If you are interested in getting a copy when it is complete please send an email to

Coming Soon:
the complete teaching of the School of the Prophetic Harp on DVD from the recent Jerusalem 2014 school

For those who wanted to receive practical and spiritual insight to playing the harp in the City of David - Jerusalem but couldn't come... you can experience The School of the Prophetic Harp on DVD. This multi-disk set includes all the classroom sessions as well as special trips to locations that have a special spiritual significance for the aspiring harpist/psalmist. Receive a special impartation along with the students at places such as the Garden Tomb, the Pool of Siloam and Samuel's Mountain... If you are interested in obtaining the DVD set of the school please indicate this by sending an email to

The Harpella TM- the world's first Photonic Harp TM with automatic key change and MIDI capabilities


An amazing breakthrough in harp technology is going to make learning and playing the harp more accessible than ever before. With the ability to change keys instantly and interface through MIDI, bringing the harp into a worship band will be an exciting musical experience - like never before possible.


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